Apple Rootstock

*****We are currently sold out of many varieties including: NAKB9 337, BUD 9, PAJAM 2, ALL GENEVAS and EMLA 111.  If you want to be added to our wait list please email us your  contact information. 

NAKB 9 (M-9-337)  [30-35% size of standard tree] The standard to which most Malling 9 type rootstocks are compared. Requires support. Very precocious and produces large fruit. Resistant to collar rot. Susceptible to fire blight.

BUD 9 (Budagovsky 9) [35-40% size of standard tree] Precocious. May be more tolerant to fire blight than M-9. Resistant to crown and root rots. Extremely winter hardy. Requires support. Moderate suckering.

M-9 Pajam #2® (USPP 7715-Cepiland) [35-40% size of standard tree] Slightly more vigorous and productive dwarf rootstock that produces a tree similar in size to M.9, EMLA 9 or NIC 29. Requires support. Susceptible to fire blight. Superior rooting compared to other 9 clones.

VF EMLA 26 [40-50% size of standard tree] Precocious. Requires support. Moderately resistant to powdery mildew. Most hardy of Malling series rootstocks. Light suckering. One of most widely planted rootstocks in the USA.

Geneva 41® [35-40% size of standard tree] Fully dwarfing rootstock similar in size to M.9 with precocity and productivity surpassing M.9 in trials. Cold hardy and highly resistant to fire blight and crown rot.

Geneva 11® [40-45% size of standard tree] Good precocity. Recommend using support. Resistant to collar rot and fire blight. 

Geneva 935® [40-50% size of standard tree] Semi-dwarfing stock similar in size to M.26. Most precocious and productive of the semi-dwarfing rootstock. Cold hardy and highly resistant to fire blight and crown rot.

Geneva 210® [60% size of standard tree] This rootstock is precocious, fireblight and woolly apple aphid resistant and cold hardy.

Geneva 890® [60-65% size of standard tree] This rootstock is highly resistant to woolly apple aphid and fireblight. It is also cold hardy and self supporting. 

*****All Geneva rootstock descriptions are based on New York growing conditions, so mature tree size may be different in different climates and growing conditions.

EMLA 7 [50-60% size of standard tree] One of the most popular rootstocks in the commercial industry. Somewhat precocious. Fruit size often small. May require support. Resistant to collar rot and fire blight. Adapts well to a wide range of soil types and climates. Has tendency to sucker.

EMLA 106 (VF MM106) [60-70% size of standard tree] Semi-vigorous rootstock that crops early and requires no support. Resistant to woolly apple aphid, but susceptible to collar rot. Excellent anchoring qualities with well-developed root system. Produces an early fruiting tree with heavy cropping.

EMLA 111 [75-85% size of standard tree] Vigorous, well anchored, resistant to collar rot and woolly aphids. Tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions, and a good selection for heavy, poorly-drained soils.

BUD 118 [95% size of standard tree]  Extremely winter hardy stock that does not require support.  Precocity is similar to an EMLA 106.  Resistant to collar rot and apple scab.

MALUS SPROUT FREE® [100% standard size tree] New, cold hardy, highly sucker resistant, vigorous, well-anchored rootstock for flowering crab apple cultivars. Hardy to Zone 3.